Friday, August 31, 2012

Chinese Magazine Men's Uno August Issue Freebie

Chinese Hong Kong Magazines arrived in Singapore (Kinokuniya Release is on Saturday Morning for all 3 Stores)

Sentimental Circus Lucky Dip starting on Saturday 1st September at Kinokuniya NBC Stationary
These are the titles arriving at Bluespot today and the titles I normally buy. Kinokuniya should be releasing all these magazines on Saturday Morning.
COSMOPOLITAN HK KATE SPADE STOCK should be in LIMITED COPIES unless you want to buy the Mini Non Freebie Cosmopolitan HK. Quantites should be slightly more than the Doraemon Freebies last weekend...(finish in 5mins for people queueing).. Anyway KATE SPADE POUCH is very Good Quality and looks Classy!!! Super WORTH IT!
Titles that I did not take pictures but arriving today (some with freebies) include Marie Claire HK, Milk, Jessica, U Travel, New Weekender, PC Mobile Magazine and the Usual HK Tabloids.
Most of the China Monthlies Magazines should be in stock too so when you go in the morning remember to check out the freebies and also the Korean and Taiwanese Magazines also!!

For those who wants to buy today, please go Bluespot.
Location & Contact Details
Blue Spot Publishing - Hong Kong Magazines (Freebies) Distributor
Hong Lim Complex, 531 Upper Cross Street, Tel: 65351488

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