Friday, June 29, 2012

COMME DES GARCONS x Star Wars Collection

Replica Supreme / HeadPorter / CDG Comme Des Garcons Bags seen at ChinaTown

I was in Chinatown area to collect some of my magazines (expect a mad rush in the morning at Kinokuniya tomorrow) where I passed by this bazaar stall which is selling bags.
I did not notice anything irregular until I saw the big CDG and the HeadPorter Logo on the bags that were hanging out the stall. A friend who was with me thought it was real and wanted to have a closer look but I told her that based on the quality and the prices they were definitely replicas...but for the sake of my blog readers, I went up to take a closer look of the bags as well as some close up pictures..

Chinese U Magazine HK(5th July Release in HK) comes with a Free Agnes B Lapin Paper Clip Set Preview

Japanese Magazine Men's Knuckle August Issue comes with a Wild Party x Lagust Loop Tie available at Books Kinokuniya SG ---- HOT HOT ITEM!

Elle Japan August Issue comes with a Gucci HardCover NoteBook available at Books Kinokuniya SG

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Japanese Magazine Air Shipment for 29th June Friday at Kinokuniya SG

Bathing Ape Summer Lucky Fudai Bag Preview

Check with Bathing Ape Singapore for Details
SUMMER BAG 6/30発売予定
・¥9,975(TAX IN.)
・KIDS SIZE: 100, 110, 120, 130
・¥7,875(TAX IN.)

Chinese Magazine U Hong Kong comes with a Hello Kitty Pass Case (June 28th Release in HK)

Chinese HK Magazine New Monday Issue 613 comes with a free Anti-Mosquito Fashion Bracelet Strap (same price as normal magazine)

Chinese Hong Kong Magazines coming to Kinokuniya SG this Weekend
As usual, it is the end of the month which means the monthlies HK Magazines and weeklies are coming in this weekend. Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Jessica etc...

Japanese Mook Baby the Stars Shine Bright is available at Kinokuniya SG ---- Lolita Favourite!

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright (株式会社 ベイビー、ザ スターズ シャイン ブライト Kabushiki Kaisha Beibī, Za Sutāzu Shain Buraito?) (Shortened to Baby or BTSSB) is the name of a Japanese clothing boutique chain created in 1988 by Akinori Isobe and his wife, Fumiyo. The original fashion house is located in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. Baby, The Stars Shine Bright specializes in Lolita fashion, and like Manifesteange Metamorphose temps de fille, their main focus is the subcategory Sweet Lolita. Baby, The Stars Shine Bright has opened their first international retail store outside of Japan in Paris, France, and opened their first North American retail store in San Francisco, California, USA on August 15, 2009.[1] In 2012, One Day in Paradise was named as their Australian distributor for both the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Alice and the Pirates brands.
The New York City branch of Kinokuniya occasionally sold clothing from the label, including dresses, headdresses, shoes and socks, but only received shipments sparingly. As mentioned in Shimotsuma Monogatari, the label's name was taken from the title of the album Baby the Stars Shine Bright by English pop music group Everything But the Girl

Japanese Mook Bape Kids A/W 2012 Collection is available at Kinokuniya SG