Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Era 4-Way Bag from Japan

A friend brought this back for me from I am very happy. This New Era 4-Way bag can be used in 4 ways as I have blogged about it before some time back. I really wanted this bag as soon as I saw it featured in one of the New Era Mooks selling at Books Kinokuniya SG (Mook still 67375921 to check)..Lesson Learnt - Buy Japanese Mooks for the Freebies, end up spend more money on the products!

Uniqlo x Hello Kitty x Twin Stars x My Melody Collection - soon to be launch

Finally got my DOWBL Messenger Bag

Finally after waiting for so long, I finally gotten my DOWBL Messenger Bag and I would say that it did not disappoint as the bag is pretty well made but a bit too expensive for majority of people. I cannot wait to show it off cos I am the only one in Singapore to own those interested in owning a piece of the brand's item faster order the mook from Kinokuniya SG now..
P.S if anyone offers a good enough price, it may tempt me to sell this bag...

Nice Kinokuniya Tote Bags

Chinese HK Magazines arrival this weekend

Hong Kong Monthlies such as Marie Claire, Jessica & other titles will be in stock also!

Chinese Magazine New Monday Issue 609 comes with a Moussy Tote Bag or Evisu 20th Anniversary Denim NoteBook Organizer

For Fans of Scale Modelling - Selling at Kinokuniya SG


Japanese Shipment coming to Kinokuniya this week

Japanese Magazine More July Issue comes with an Agnes B Bag + Shampoo Samples available at Books Kinokuniya SG