Friday, June 29, 2012

Replica Supreme / HeadPorter / CDG Comme Des Garcons Bags seen at ChinaTown

I was in Chinatown area to collect some of my magazines (expect a mad rush in the morning at Kinokuniya tomorrow) where I passed by this bazaar stall which is selling bags.
I did not notice anything irregular until I saw the big CDG and the HeadPorter Logo on the bags that were hanging out the stall. A friend who was with me thought it was real and wanted to have a closer look but I told her that based on the quality and the prices they were definitely replicas...but for the sake of my blog readers, I went up to take a closer look of the bags as well as some close up pictures..


  1. Hi there kenji, i know that you didnt encourage fakes items but some people cant afford it. By the way all the mook items from japanese magazine are originaly from china. I known some of the company who made those e-mook. In my opinion theres nothing wrong buying fakes items. It just A logo and names and the product and quality cant compare it 100%
    No offence in this comments, i just want to share it with you. Now all the things made from china coz, the worker wage are cheap.

  2. Well, in my opinion..put yourself in the brand owner's shoes...if your brand is being replicated how will you feel?
    If I cannot afford the item, I jolly well do not buy it or wear a replica just to feel good.
    Yes, mook freebies are made in China,but they are official license merchandise nonetheless...I-Phone and lotsa mobile phones are made in China too...but they are authorized there is a difference...

  3. Made is China does not Mean it is a Replica...

    Remember, a country can produce a scholar & a thief also... it does not mean the country is known for either...if you get my meaning

  4. Yup i understand, coz now market price up and down. So those can afford higher prices will be great if there is customer. I had buy LV shoe for 5 years ago, i worn it for 2 years so fast torn out. When i try fakes shoe feel different it can last me 10 over years. I cant believe it either. I brought some bag from channel used for 1 year, the leather torn out. Even i bought nonfakes also wornout. You know what mean? So fromthat start i just buy nonbrand or not i used it or wear it for my comfy. Right now i dont cant branded stuff. >.< its like fools me over dollars spent when that for original stuff not long enough to wear it.

  5. well then use non branded stuff...not replicas..