Monday, April 30, 2012

New Everlast Leather Tote Bag that I purchased recently
Retailing at $79.90 and available at all Everlast SG Shops.
This Tote Bag is made of soft leather and I pretty much liked the design of the bag especially the centre tri-color strip in front. It also has 2 front pockets enclosed by a zip. The bag has a magnetic top closure and the inner portion is nylon an full of compartments for puting in many items. The side clip on strap is used to adjust the size of the tote bag to suit one's needs.
Conclusion - A very nice and affordable Tote Bag from Everlast, one that is practical, looks trendy and durable!


  1. hi, is this real leather? can't be for such a cheap price? thanks

    reader c

  2. I do not know if it is genuine leather but as stated on Everlast website it is leather...In my opinion could be faux leather?