Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Japanese Mook LesportSac in stocks at Books Kinokuniya SG - HOT Items Limited Stocks!

Opps, I realised I forget to take the pictures of the attached sling & the charm after my friend called me up to say...hey why U no take the pictures for those...but anyway will upload the rest tomorrow...a very nice & good quality item from Lesportsac Mook this time. Given that the normal Lesportsac range costs HUNDREDs here, the mooks at Books Kinokuniya SG is the cheapest way to get a Lesportsac Product.
Made from the original Lesportsac material....comes with an attached sling(not in pictures) & charm keychain(not in pictures) so SUPER WORTH it. Limited Stocks at Kinokuniya SG

Limited stocks of previous season at Kinokuniya Orchard so enquire with the sales staff if you are interested in the Blue Checker Version!!


  1. hi, is this bag really tiny? can you share the size please? thanks!

  2. Quite ok ah, I have seen a few ladies carrying it and it looks quite nice. The model on the cover of the mook is also wearing it