Saturday, January 7, 2012

Magazines & Bookstores I saw in Hong Kong

These few pictures are taken when I came across interesting magazines newsstand or bookstores.
Basically press censorship is non existant in Hong Kong I guess although they have a 18++ advisory slip on their magazines if it is adult content but thats about it.
Most of the weeklies magazines with freebies arrives around 8am in the morning and that is roughly the time I went to buy my New Monday Levis Camera Pouch. The magazines newsstands and 711 basically sells newspapers, weeklies magazines, fashion maggazines such as ELLE Cosmopolitan and those mobile magazines and also weekly HK comics.
Bookstores such as Page One do not sell a lot of weeklies except for the airport outlets but they do actually carry a lot more foreign magazines and also the more expensive fashion titles.
Both Magazines Newsstands and Bookstores also carry Japanese Mooks & Magazines and are available everywhere. A Plus Point is that Hong Kong has the Japanese Fashion Labels brought in to support the Sale of the Mooks as well as to raise awareness on the brand's Profile.
It is also not surprising to see the mooks sold in the actual fashion retail outlets itself as I saw Neighborhood Mooks selling in NHIZ Izzue Stores...

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  1. looks like you had a good holiday :D
    the hk updates are great, thanks for sharing!