Saturday, January 7, 2012

Just Back from Hong Kong - Random Pictures using my camera phone so lousy quality

Just back from Hong Kong shopping trip so just upload some random pictures taken from my phone camera which explains the lousy quality.
It is very cold in Hong Kong but the warmth of the people and the Good Service that I received during my stay there adds on to the happiness.
Basically I went to Hong Kong to buy magazines and catch up on the latest freebies and promotions in well as to shop at the I.T fashion outlets cos GOT SALE....(Beams, IZZUE, 5CM and many other brands)..I also need to get away from my blog for awhile and also work so took the chance I am RECHARGED!!!...

Anyway I will be uploading my shopping Haul from HK tmr and those who cannot wait just check out my pics of my real time blog on the right hand URL...

Just an update



  1. Welcome home! Looking forward to see your loot from HK! :)

  2. The photos are great. Lots of intetesting things to look at.