Friday, September 30, 2011

U Magazine HK only Freebie - Marc Jacobs Pirate Bag (NOT AVAILABLE in Singapore)

Not available in Singapore. HongKong Only Premium for Contest I think

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HongKong Chinese U Magazine Freebie Preview

Japanese Magazine Sutekina Okusan comes with a free Rilakkuma Clock available at Books Kinokuniya SG

Japanese Magazine Non No x Agnes B Tote Bag on display at Kinokuniya NAC

Chinese Magazine New Monday x FingerCroxx x Fama Scottish Design Tote Bag

Elle Japan Novemeber Issue comes with a free 3-Way Milly Pouch Bag available at Books Kinokuniya SG

Japanese Magazine Domani Nov Issue comes with a John Masters Organic Freebie available at Books Kinokuniya SG

Japanese Magazine Kaiteigo comes with a free Thermal Lunch Tote available at Kinokuniya SG

Japanese Magazine A | X ARMANI EXCHANGE 2011 Autumn / Winter Collection comes with a Large Tote Bag available at Books Kinokuniya SG

Coated Canvas Material so it is water resistant
Dimension is W45 × H34 × D13cm
Logo is signed on both sides

Japanese Mook Brooks Brothers 2011-12 autumn / winter collection comes with a free Tote Bag available at Books Kinokuniya SG

Dimension is W420 × H370 × D150mm
Bag Material is Canvas

Personally, this is the bag that I would use everyday....because it is very nice and the material is very comfy and the size is very big..One of the Best Tote Bags so far...

Japanese Mook Courreges 1961-2011 comes with a free Shoulder Bag available at Books Kinokuniya SG

Bag Material is Cotton Demin
Dimension is W31×H33×D5.5cm
French-born brand, "Courreges," finally made a 50th Anniversary Mook! This Title complies the Pop yet elegant, unique, "Courreges' view of the world into one book. Supplement Freebie is a stylish tote bag that is designed by the Courreges Team in Paris.The denim fabric of white color theme as the base color, which is accented with pink and silver 50th Anniversary theme color of Correges made it an attractive design which is simple but shows a strong presence.
Limited Stocks in Kinokuniya SG

Personal Opinion - although white color stains easily but it made the Neon Pink Correges Logo stand Out. Shoulder Strap is pretty long so it can be slinged over the shoulder