Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Casio Red Bull Racing Limited Edition Watch that I saw at Bugis

To come to think of it, I have owned the Oris Racing Watch, Casio Kawasaki Limited Edition, and Schumacher Omega Watch...this is the only one that I never had before....still considering whether to get it or not since the pricing is on the low side since it is a casio....hmm.....

Join as a Kinokuniya SG Privilege Card Member & ENJOY ATTRACTIVE Discount + KPC Member 20% Sale Info

Membership Details here

Standing from the standpoint of a regular Magazines/Emooks Freebie Hunter, I find it perfectly worthwhile to join the Kinokuniya Membership..Why??? You may ask???
On top of the discounts that are being offered on your purchases, Kinokuniya is one of the few Bookstores that actually offer discounts on Magazines, even for the 20% Member's Sale...
It is also the only few Bookstores in Singapore that has the largest selections of Japanese Magazines & Emooks with freebies....CHINESE TAIWAN & HongKong & EVEN China Magazines with Freebies...and it's ENGLISH Magazines Section also has the largest range of titles and the most local promotional freebies bundled with the Magazines(GWP if you will call it) so why WAIT??? Join as a member today and enjoy the discount straight away...
BY THE WAY My friend who is a KPC Member told me that BUGIS is having it Members Sale (20% off) from Thursday onwards if I remeber correctly and It is super worthwhile to join now given that the Japanese MOOKS & Magazines are arriving this Wednesday & Friday + SATURDAY also have the arrival of the HongKong Magazines with freebies such as ELLE, Marie Claire East Touch, U Travel, New Monday, New Weekender WHY HESITATE????

Friday, August 26, 2011

Japanese Magazine X-Large and Rodeo Crowns Mook on 30% at Kinokuniya NAC - WHILST STOCKS LAST

Showcase Items at Kinokuniya NAC

Chinese Magazine NEW MONDAY comes with a Free Hysteric Glamour Portable BackPack (Tough Material) x 2 Colors in LIMITED QUANTITIES

Liang Court Stocks came early so I saw balance only 2 copies on the shelf with NO RESERVATIONS
Kinokuniya Bugis and Ngee Ann City will be releasing theirs on Saturday Morning with 1st come 1st serve basis...QUEUE EXPECTED, you know why? BECAUSE similar Hysteric Bag cost approxx HKD1299 which is equal to shown in the pictures...!
Based on my experience, Bugis is generally is less than 2 copies and NAC is less than 10cps and is probably 1 PER CUSTOMER WITH NO CHOOSING OF COLORS

Japanese Mook HeadPorter A/W 2011 comes with a free Drum Bag + LED Light available at Books Kinokuniya SG