Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Monday Hong Kong Issue 565 Adlib Earphone Freebie Preview

Japanese Mook Il Bisonte Preview

Japanese Mook "MILK" Preview

Japanese Mook x Crisp Preview

Japanese Mook Ena's Secret 松本恵奈の可愛いのひみつ Preview

Japanese Mook MAMA&KIDS GLITTER VOL.3 Preview

Japanese Food Mook トースターバッグで楽らくクッキング Preview

Japanese Magazine Cool Trans October Issue comes with a free Stussy Drum Bag

Japanese Magazine Eclat October Issue comes with a Roberta Di Camerino Bag

Branded Bag Sale - Kate Spade, Prada & Coach

Chinese Hong Kong Magazines in Stock at Books Kinokuniya NAC

5 Copies of AGNES B Raincoat (Milk B Magazine) in stocks only - QUEUE Expected

Some freebies have multiple colors & designs for example New Monday, Cosmopolitan & Jessica

Friday, July 29, 2011

Elle Japan September 2011 Limited Edition Box Set comes with a Free Tory Burch Digital Camera - Available in Japan via Pre-Orders only

Strictly NOT AVAILABLE at Books Kinokuniya Retail Shop Sales as this is a Japan only Online item. I will be getting mine next week hopefully if it the shipping from Japan is not delayed...
I do not know if the Online Bookweb takes orders for this but personally speaking, I think probably they do not but really ain't hurt to try.....(contacts below and email is on the top right hand corner of the blog for interested parties).
The Kinokuniya Retail Stores will not be able to answer nor entertain enquires on this item simply because they do not carry nor are able to order it.
Product Code for this item should be 4910119310913..

Marie Claire Hong Kong Website info

Took the pictures from Marie Claire Hong Kong Website.....

Chinese Magazine Elle China comes with a limited edition ELLE PVC Carrier Bag available at Books Kinokuniya SG