Thursday, June 30, 2011

Japanese Mook CocoLulu Summer Collection comes with a free Charm + Tote Bag

Bookweb Online Product Code 9784904422151

Upcoming Hello Kitty Mook available in Japan

Bathing Ape & Bape Kids 2011 Autumn Collection Mooks coming to Books Kinokuniya SG

Men's Non No August Issue comes with a free Wacko Maria Beach Slippers

Japanese Mook Joel Robuchon 奇跡のレストラン ジョエル・ロブションが生み出すシンプルフレンチ Preview

Japanese Magazine Sweet September 2011 Issue comes with a Free Anna Sui Tote Bag + Pouch (Similar to Sep 2010 Freebie but different Design)

Last Year Freebie see here

Chinese Magazine Elle Taiwan July 2011 Issue Freebie Preview

There are a total of 2 version - Special Edition with a Limited Edition is also pending release in Taiwan!

Taiwanese Magazine Bang July Issue Preview - Got Stay Real Freebie

Chinese Magazine Elle Girl Taiwan Preview - Stay Real x Molly Pouch

Japanese Magazine Shipment on Friday 01st July 2011 at Books Kinokuniya SG

Mooks - Bathing Ape & Bape Kids

Saturday Chinese Magazine Arrival with Freebies
I would expect queue this time due to the Kate Spade & Kenzo & Bape Freebies cos in Hong Kong Cosmopolitan already sold out!!
Cosmopolitan HK - KATE SPADE Tote Bag
ELLE HK - KENZO Limited Edition Pouch
New Monday - Choc Rain Multi-Purpose Pouch
East Touch - Bathing Ape Card Case
New Weekender - Maybe not Confirm
Face - Maybe not confirm
Marie Claire- Not Confirm what freebie but maybe have
Jessica - Not confirm what freebie

Latest YPI Yoshida Porter International Series Preview - For Taiwan only at the Moment

Chinese Hong Kong Magazine New Weekender 新假期 comes with a 向左走 向右走 x 幾米紙巾盒

Release date is 4th July in Hong Kong

Chinese Magazine GQ China June Issue comes with a free Pedometer available at Books Kinokuniya SG

Japanese Mook that are sold at Kinokuniya SG

Upcoming Mooks Preview

Japanese Magazine WITH August Issue comes with a Free DHC Platinium + Silver Nanocolloid Mask available at Books Kinokuniya SG

Japanese Magazine More August Issue comes with a Free MercuryDuo Bag available at Books Kinokuniya SG