Monday, February 28, 2011

Japanese Mook Your Song レミオロメン 10th Anniversary Special CD BOX available in Japan

CDには、レミオロメンの新曲でこの冬一番のラブソング「Your Song」と、大ヒット曲「粉雪」、さらに「3月9日」の10th Anniversary Ver.を収録!同梱のブック(48P)には『1リットルの涙』の脚本家・大島里美さんが「Your Song」にインスパイアされて書き下ろした小説と、写真家・市橋織江氏によるレミオロメン撮り下ろしフォト、そしてロングインタビュー掲載のアーティストブックレット(16P)付き!大切な人とぜひ味わっていただきたいCD BOXです

Japanese Mook Yumi Limited Edition Box 1972-2011 comes with a CD Single + Charm (Total 5 Items)

Item is released in April 2011 as a Mook
Yumi Matsutoya (松任谷 由実, Matsutōya Yumi?, born January 19, 1954), nicknamed "Yuming" (ユーミン, Yūmin?), is an influential Japanese singer, composer, lyricist and pianist. She is renowned for her idiosyncratic voice, and live performances, and is an important figure in Japanese popular music.[1]
Her recording career has been commercially successful with more than 42 million records sold.[2] In 1990, her album The Gates of Heaven became the first album to be certified "2x million" by the RIAJ,[3] and she has had twenty-one #1 albums listed on the Oricon charts.[2] She is the only artist to have at least one number-one album every year on the Oricon charts for 18 consecutive years.[4]
After gaining several years of experience as a session musician, she debuted as a singer-songwriter in 1972. During her early career, she worked under her birth name Yumi Arai (荒井 由実, Arai Yumi?). In 1975, Arai became known as a composer for "Ichigo Hakusho wo Mou Ichido", a commercially successful song recorded by the folk duo BanBan. She also gained popularity as a vocalist in the same year, through the success of "Ano Hi ni Kaeritai" that became her first number-one spot on the Japan's Oricon Charts.
After marrying her musical collaborator Masataka Matsutoya in 1976 and changing her stage name, she has continued her recording career up until now. In addition to multiple hit singles, she has obtained enormous commercial success on the Japanese Albums Chart, particularly during the late 1980s and the first half of the 1990s.

Chinese Magazine 東TOUCH Volume 822 comes with a Limited Edition PUMA Social Club乒乓球 + Game Card

Volume 821 HOT ITEM ----- Selling Very Well in Hong Kong!

New Random Items available at NBC Stationary at Kinokuniya NAC Outlet

Misc Rantings on Japanese Mook Fred Perry Collection

Mark your calenders as the next Fred Perry 2011 Collection will be released in April this year. Below are the previous versions of the Mooks that were released & sold in Kinokuniya SG before. What will the new Mook look like? Stay tuned to find out!

Upcoming Japanese Mook to be Released in Japan

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Yoshida Porter & HeadPorter Japanese Mook & it's Freebies since the first Issue

Being a Porter Fan, I cannot help but compile the list of Mooks regarding Porter that were published before

Random Mooks & Magazines with Freebies coming to Books Kinokuniya SG

Japanese Magazine 25ANS May 2011 Issue Lanvin Freebie Preview

Chinese Book 絕對買得起!時尚精品新手入門圖鑑 comes with an exclusive RAY Bag Hanger available at Books Kinokuniya SG (Limited Stocks Hot Item)

Excellent Item + Good Contents on Branded Items etc.
04  新手入門指南
06  Agnes b 充滿法式人文氣息的個性品牌
12  ANNA SUI 融合古典與浪漫的魔幻品牌
18  ANTEPRIMA 充滿視覺驚喜的「時尚工藝」
24  ANYA HINDMARCH 倫敦時尚女孩必敗品牌
30  BALLY 來自瑞士的頂級時尚工藝
36  CELINE 注入美式休閒風的優雅法系品牌
42  CHANEL 女孩們永遠憧憬的夢幻品牌
48  CHLOE 完美詮釋時尚優雅的名品
54  COACH 最具親和力的美國時尚經典
60  DIOR 高級訂製服的代名詞
66  FENDI 頂級皮草的首選品牌
72  FURLA 最符合都會女性的時尚配件
78  GUCCI 人氣滿點的百年摩登品牌
84  HERMES 象徵身份與品味的藝術名品
90  JIMMY CHOO 歐美女星走紅地毯的最愛
96  Kate Spade 融合經典與創新的紐約新興品牌
102 LOEWE 西班牙頂級皮件的表徵
108 LONGCHAMP 輕奢華的法式正統風品牌
114 MARC BY MARC JACOBS 玩味時尚的個性流行品牌
120 MARC JACOBS 鬼才設計師領導的潮流品牌
126 MIU MIU 揮灑玩心&創意的年輕品牌
132 PRADA 機能&流行兼具的義式美學
138 ROGER VIVIER 融合經典與現代的摩登鞋款
144 Salvatore Ferragamo 義大利的手工鞋款王國
150 Samantha Thavasa 甜美感無法擋的日本香奈兒
156 SEE BY CHLOE 甜美又帶有個性的年輕潮牌
162 SWAROVSKI 璀璨亮眼的水晶王國
168 TORY BURCH 21世紀最具影響力的美系時尚品牌
174 Vivienne Westwood 英式龐克搖滾的代表品牌
180 YSL 高雅神祕熱情的法式風采
191 讀者回函‧好禮活動

Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Japanese Mook DIET Pelvic Back Pillow to be release in Japan (Suitable for ladies aiming for a slim and flat tummy)

Put the pillow behind your bag when you sleep and lose weight at the same time. It is a new and effective way of losing the fats around your tummy. Of course proper diet and exercise plays an important part.

Japanese Mook Apuweiser - riche & JUSGLITTY BOOK comes with a Free Tote Bag (Not Yet Release)

Release Date is in March 2011
Material is cotton
Estimated Size is 35 × 32cm

Japanese Mook Shiny Magical Power Stone Misty Special comes with a Free Bracelet($38.20) available at Books Kinokuniya SG

Wanting to use this magical power stone bracelet to improve your luck...get yours today at Kinokuniya NAC. LIMITED STOCKS!

Japanese Magazine BabyMo March 2011 Freebies available at Books Kinokuniya SG

Japanese Magazines that comes with a SouSou x Peanuts Snoopy Furoshiki Bento Cover available at Books Kinokuniya SG

Preview of another Y-Roller?