Saturday, March 26, 2011

Chinese Magazine 新monday 546期 comes with a Free Adidas Umbrella - Limited Stocks in Singapore

Items should be arriving in Singapore Island in the morning but may not arrive in Bookstores so early on 26th March 2011 Saturday...(heard some of my friends going some place to queue but dunno where? maybe Bras Brasah or Hong Lim? )
Confirm Order - Please call BlueSpot Publishing, else wait to try luck buying at Bookstore in Bras Brasah Music Book Room.....or else remember the Cosmopolitan HongKong Agnes B Bag Scenario?
Blue Spot Publishing Pte Ltd#02-14, 531 Up Cross St, Singapore 050531
p: 65351488 f: 65341655

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  1. queue at kinokuniya starts at what time? maybe i going at 9 am