Monday, March 28, 2011

Attending the Samantha Vega Launch Party and my after thoughts.

Hmmm, haven't wrote a long story in a while so decided to share a bit of my feelings and after thoughts. I was invited to this event by a good friend who knew that I would be interested & also gives me a chance to post a blog entry that is not related to gift with purchase or magazines freebies. I am very thankful for the great opportunity in fact for me to experience something different... The launch party was very well done with the theme, the settings, the door gifts all geared towards the image of the brand. The fashion show was very entertaining and truely showcase the products and brings out the best of the Samantha Vega range of bags. It is certainly an eye-opener for me as it is slightly different from the Samantha Thavasa Event at Ion which I attended some time back and certainly different from the various fashion or brand launching events that I attended way back in the past. I also had a chance to catch up with some friends who attended the event wth me and also get to meet some of the people whom I often seen at the place that I work..I really had a great time & would like to thank the Samantha Thavasa group of people for that... Sad to say, I felt there were people who attended this event without knowing what it is about, nor even had an idea of the brand itself which is disappointing...on the day itself, I heard people complaining about the door gifts, the food and all which isn't really the main highlight of the launch party. (On a Side Note, the food was great) On the second day of the opening, I am amazed to see the same group of people queueing up for the free Tote Bag at the store opening itself. No offence to anyone in the queue cos I know many of those in the queue actually bought items from Samantha Vega and are truely Fans of the Brand.. I am also amazed to see & hear complains from people in the crowd that they only got a "small Note Book" cos the Tote Bag is already fully redeemed....when I logged on to my Facebook, I actually see people complaining on Samantha Thavasa Facebook Page... Seriously, it reminds me of the time where the Porter International "FU DAI" Lucky Bag event where people complain of the items and all on the FaceBook....I feel pretty digusted at that. You know, in life we must learn to appreciate things and when you are given an opportunity to experience something new, be THANKFUL!!! For me as said, the opportunity given to attend the event and having the chance to blog about it is good enough. The door gift is a bonus really and if anyone wants it just email me and I can post it to them if they want to.. Feel that I already wrote too long and too much....again thanks to the Tyan Group & Samantha Thavasa for the invite...Keep up the Good Work and Keep the Brand growing Strong....

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