Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Shopping at Kinokuniya Liang Court Today - So many Mook Titles still available

The reason why I liked shopping at Liang Court despite being out of the way because it is a very quiet place which makes it perfect for shopping. I aint really like shopping at crowded places and squeezing with people which is also why if I shop at Ngee Ann City, I just drop by...get my stuff, pay the money and go...No wasting time browsing....squeezing with people...discussion with friends at the bookshelf and blocking other people from getting their stuff....hogging the staff's attention to ask about the bags and in the process delay them from bringing out the magazines that I want!!!!!....
Another reason I shopped at Liang Court is because it has a very big bargain corner where most of the out of date Jap Magazines are at super discounted prices(No using of Kinokuniya Member Discount and No reservations) of at least 50% or more. There is also a small hidden corner with a small bench where magazines are on discount of 30% off retail if U happen to notice.
Liang Court also have a pool of service staff that is very direct with customers' enquires which is also what I liked about them. Normally their answers are short and straight to the point....and most of all LOGICAL....(For those wanting to get their EGOS "JACKED UP"..or hear "Sweet Talk" can drop by Louis Vuitton and throw 3 thousand people in that category please avoid Liang Court.) Most of the staff are very well versed in their product knowledge and that is why many "OTAKUS" will rather shop there than elsewhere....You know...I always felt like a customer when I am shopping at Liang Court cos I pay to get my stuff there, receive the service that I am dued and paid for and I am in a way contributing to the salaries of the staff there policy....IF I DO NOT PAY FOR ANY ITEM IN ANY SHOP....The service staff AINT NEED to Serve me...cos I only consider myself a customer when I pay the cash....for their service...(PERSONAL OPINION)
Enough of the talk....below are some Mooks available at Kinokuniya Liang Court
Laforet Harajuku
MasterMind Japan Ipad Case
Crystal Ball All Versions + Nylon Japan - (Selected Items 30% off)
Nina's World Muchacha
ZOZO Mook Ladies - 5 item Freebies
Hysteric Glamour Mini
Suzy Zoo
Betsey Johnson
Murua Charm
Mary Quant
Lest Rose
Rope Picnic.....and many more

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