Monday, January 31, 2011

Shopping at Japanese 2nd Hand Bookstore BookMart @ Central - Japanese Magazines & Mooks Included!!

BookMart is a Japanese Bookstore operating in Central Clarke Quay Area. They specialize in 2nd hand books, dvds and games. I have walked through their shop and found that they have a huge selection of Japanese Manga(Which some bookstore cannot even carry the title nor even ordered in). The conditions of the merchandise varies from above average to very good and the prices are super competitive. Japanese Magazines and Mooks (all with the freebies intact) can be found there also at a slightly cheaper price but all in good and some in new condition especially the mooks.
To improve on their competitiveness,the have also began selling english books as well. Bookmart now has a 2nd hand books buying event where they will pay a high price up to 30% retail for them. For More Details Check Out their WebPage

Official Info
Bookmart is a famous second-hand book store chain in Japan. Second-hand books will be refurbished hygiene and much beautiful with Japanese technology and skills, “Love cleanliness & Ecology”. You will experience the best conditioned second-hand books in our store, and you will find a comfortable and modern space with cafe. Bookmart will change your image of “The Second-hand bookstore” completely. Bookmart has been expanding, now more than 20 stores in Japan


  1. A million thanks for the info!!hope they will accept mooks & eng magz as well. will call & check tmr

  2. ...And they're closed already =(