Monday, November 1, 2010

Random Shopping for Chinese Magazine at Bras Brasah - Music Book Room

Well, I was thinking of ending my write-ups about other Book Stores Magazine Freebies but some incident motivated me to continue me to do more write-ups..Don't get me wrong, I am still a continued blogger for Kinokuniya Unofficially but recently felt that in order to satisfy the hunger of the blog readers for more places to buy Chinese magazines (demand exceed supply I guess).and so there I am continuing on this posting for Music Book Room Bookstore at Bras Brasah Complex Level 1.
Situated at Unit #01-51/53, this store specializes in Music Books, Chinese Magazines, and do sell some music cds,vcd, and also provide services such as photocopying, laminating & binding etc.
This store has been around for a long time I guess. I have been to Bras Brasah many times but have never got a chance to actually buy anything from them until a rare occasion that I was not able to get my ELLE HK from Kinokuniya. The shop sells many magazine titles from HongKong, China & Taiwan. They are one of the only 2 direct importers of HongKong Magazines in Singapore and hence most of their HongKong Magazines comes with Freebies similar to what is offered in the domestic market. I think they do pre-orders for magazines too, as my friend ordered from them a few times before the magazines even reached Singapore. A good point to note is that their customer service is excellent and they will try their best to help you get the magazines which explains why most of the time I get my magazines from there now. As usual their shipment days for HK titles are Friday evenings or saturday mornings. If you go there at 7pm friday, you will see the staff busy unloading the cartons and doing the magazines shipments. Example of Magazines they carry include Elle, Monday Magazine and a wide range of tabloids, gossips and electronic magazines. I can say that other than BlueSpot Hong Lim or Elite, they carry the widest range of HK magazines I have ever seen....beating Big BookStores like PageOne and all.
They do carry a wide range of Taiwanese Magazines too such as WITH, Mina, Vivi and a few other titles(or is it the HK Version...haha I also blurr). These titles are shown in the third pictures I have taken.
Music Book Room also carries China Magazines such as Vogue, Cosmo and RU LI which sometimes comes with the freebies. I thought they have gotten their stocks from GreatRiver but apparantly they did not and they do the self import themselves which I think is very brave for a small shop to take up such a big challenge. They also carry tons of music books,and some stationaries which is common for small bookstores.
Even though the recent influx of "BigBoys" all in one, large floorspace bookstore hitting our shores, I still get sentimental when shopping in Bras Brasah Complex. Well, I remeber when I was young and my parents brought me to BIG BookStore (Now known as Popular which is dominating 3 levels of Bras Brasah Complex) and I am amazed with the amount of books that they have. Althogh now that I always shop at Kinokuniya, this scenario doesn't faze me anymore.
Seeing this Bookstore fighting head to head with Popular (with its millions of dollars in financial backing) is always interesting cos its like a David vs Goliath scenario. The risktaker(Music Book Room) may not always win, but its willingness to go beyond it's duty just to sell a product is what always amazes me till this day. They do not follow the normal trend of getting the foreign magazines locally, they self import on firm sale terms(meaning unsold magazines cannot be returned) and they are able to make the customers happy by getting pre-orders from them...and they give the customers value for money by not selling versions of foreign magazines without the freebies unless they have no choice...
Even though I know small bookstores like this have no desire to expand beyond their comfort zone and aggressively challenge the big boys for a bigger slice of the market, I hope that it will continued it's way of doing business. In time to come, I am sure they will get more customers who will be happy to shop there and get their money's worth....(Small companies take risk like vitamins,Big companies avoid risk like plague)
Haha too long already, I know its like writing a story....a few more bookstores to cover so watch this space ba....

Contact Info : 33387280
Business Hrs : Mon-Sat - 10am - 7.30Pm , Sun - 1030am - 6pm
ELLE HK with Freebies


  1. just curious, what stems from your deep passion in book blogging? book blog is rather niche and unique and is it because your family business is on books too so u are very into this topic?

  2. I love music book room and i have been there since 1982 buying my first hong kong magazine YU LANG DIEN SHI ! I still buy half of my hk mags from them and half from Kinokuniya to support them. It is not easy to survive selling chinese stuffs but i was told they bought the shop front and so can save on rents so they can survive this far. Do support all these small shops. Lately they have imported chinese calendars which are very nice.

  3. Woah really so long le ah???? Hopefully they can survive longer......

  4. To Ling: In fact, I have no interest in books....I am just interested in the sales and the marketing of the products thats all....and the freebies that comes with the magazines and books

  5. hi! came across your blog today. nice!

    do you know what kind of music books does this shop sell? just curious..tks - KJ