Monday, October 18, 2010

A random walk around Chinatown looking at small Magazines NewsStands & Independent Chinese Bookstore

On a one man trip around Chinatown again today looking at some independent bookstores + magazines stores.(They are particular about people taking pics so I just took from far and some I did not take pictures at all)...
Many magazine stands manned by aunties and uncles have began to catch on to the trend of selling magazines together with the freebies. I notice at least 2 places that sell 女人我最大 latest issue that comes with the GWP Freebie Pouch which is Slightly MORE EXPENSIVE. I asked the aunty this issue got freebie ah? she replied "got freebie sell better lor? You want to buy meh?". I just smiled and walk away
Also notice that they carried some international Chinese Versions of ViVi and also HongKong Weeklies such as New Monday and EE ZouKan, Milk and East Touch. Looks like even small stores have began to increase their range of chinese magazines to stay competitive in the business. Some small bookstores also carries versions of Chinese Magazines from China such as Vogue & "Rui Li" with freebies. Looks like currently even small and independent bookstores knows..."freebies sells magazines". One reason I always go to Chinatown is because they do sell the TAIWAN Version of FHM.(Pics seen below). Relax Blog Readers...I aint a pervert or wad but some of the articles on the latest gadgets and gears make pretty interesting readings. I am glad that most of the Bookstores in Singapore carry this title maybe except Kinokuniya NAC & BJ(The Liang Court Branch does carry). Popular Bookstores also does not carry this title maybe due to the young family oriented crowd. It is readily available at most petrol stations, Page One and many other bookstores that sells Chinese Magazine.
Books-Wise, the few stores inside some shopping centers in Chinatown sells mainly books from China(kungfu novels;history;biographies and health titles etc), and of cos a few best sellers but the range is now-where as many as the Big Bookstores although price is considerably cheaper especially the COMICS and romantic novels. They do sell cheap stationeries also...and newspapers..and are usually manned by strong chinese accent speaking person.
Also passed by a dress making supplies shop in Chinatown that sells very cheap pattern making books and instructional Kinokuniya and Page One a run for its money especially for its Japanese Language Titles. One point to note is that some titles are really very old issues and that is why it is so cheap.
Last place I passed by is a shop that sells many Sanrio Items such as Hello Kitty etc...also got my all time favourite Bad Badz Maru?...

I am glad not to see a single IPAD device at Chinatown today, just people browsing and buying books...(have been seeing to many in Kinokuniya nowadays). The way business is being done in terms of Books/Magazines selling have changed too and those old aunties and uncles doing their small businesses have slowly started to adapt and understand that to survive...change is needed. This always serves as a constant reminder to not be too comfortable with what we have and the position we are in(maintaining is not enough,expansion is necessary) difficult times...people who can adapt to changes and move along with the strongest survival instincts are the one that last the longest.
That's all for this post...I also have the opportunity to cover Page One(VivoCity) + BlueSpot(Honglim) today. More of it to come later.


  1. not happy :( the latest issue of 女人我最大 i bought at kinokuniya doesn't come with the free pouch...

  2. Hi, may i know whr is e kai kai gift shop located at? thanks!

  3. The Spiral Building = ChinaTown Point...

    The 女人我最大 got 2 versions that used to sell in Kino and they are of different prices(with and without the pouch). Outside also different prices for both versions. It is clearly stated on the magazine and the nothing to be unhappy about. Most regular understanding customers of Kinokuniya who buy this title know about it..Hope you understand.

  4. I chose to buy the version with no pouch when it was first sold in kino because it is cheaper even though the one with the pouch is available. The pouch does not look that great also. I am glad I chose the cheaper one

  5. I bought the one with the pouch but end up realising that I do not normally use it and it ended up lying around my house. End up gave it to my sister. Waste the addition money. Sad

  6. Hi, May I know where is the shop for the Pattern Book on Offer stand $3 ~ $15 ?

  7. I think its calls Pearl of the older shopping malls...I remember vaguely

  8. The Pouch is not free, as the magazine is more expensive. So it is like paying for the pouch which in my opinion not worth it.

  9. Kai Kai Gifts is located at New Bridge Road #02-36,Chinatown Point.

    Pattern Book on Offer stand $3 ~ $15 is selling at Golden Dragon Store at People's Park Centre, Upper Cross Street #02-51