Thursday, September 2, 2010

Places that sell Chinese Magazines(HK/Taiwan/China) with Freebies in Singapore other than Books Kinokuniya

Despite my remarks some plain rude people (I wanna call them otherwise but hey....I am a freelance blogger so aint gonna judge) just dun get it and keep emailing me whenever I posted something on chinese magazines.(I will reduced the frequency of postings already thanks to them) & emailed me asking me why Kinokuniya not responsive? how I know? to take a bit pressure off.....just to be say before hand...POSITIVE comments are welcome but I will not entertain enquires from this postings alone.Rest of the postings enquires are as per normal...I will still answer... Thanks.
Hmmm..... these are the places that I been to or gone before that sells Chinese Magazines from Taiwan or HongKong or China.....some places do not allow me photos especially those newsstands in Chinatown(dunno why when they bring in the best chinese magazines at random with freebies)....really bored day so upload random thingy lah.......enjoy the pictures. Normally they carry a lot of copies and some required you to pre-order from them....

Details for the Magazines can check here....


  1. I have to agree that sometimes I always call and ask even though the postings says not to. I raise my voice periodically when the staff cannot answer what I want to know... overall I think that if kinokuniya is selling the item, it must be prepared to answer the enquires..otherwise they can choose not to sell the item with the supplement. I find that sometimes your blog defend them too much for my liking. This is just my 2 cents worth of opinion.
    Overall I think that excessive enquires also put a lot of pressure on the kino staff too. I will certainly keep that in mind the next time I call in.. Hope that you do not misunderstand what I am trying to say...overall your blog is very helpful to us. Thanks

  2. Hi Dear,
    I always look up to your site of new magazine release. I am certainly not one who bothers kino customer service asking this and that, i usually go down to check myself. i am customer service before and i know how their working environment like so ya, i am one obedient reader of yours hahaha. btw, i went to buy the cecil mcbee mook and it's comfy. thanks again!

    one request, hope u don't mind, while i truly appreciate the photo of the above shops, is it ok to let us know where can we find these shops at least? :P

    i saw a few from bra baseh because i went there to do my wedding cards so roughly can tell hahah but what about the rest? can share pls?

  3. the last picture of "mag@zine" looks v familiar, there is one at plaza sing basement (close to mrt exit and next to a burger chain)..that one closed down. fyi. now replaced by a eating chain or something, under renovation and yes i agree they sell pretty decent amt of taiwan and HK gossip magazine

  4. Bluespot = HongLim

    Great River = Bugis....hope it helps

  5. Another one is in City Square...Farrer Park MRT

  6. At least no need to squeeze in kinokuniya to grab the only few copies that is available. thanks for the heads up. my suggestion is that they should make use of your blog more to order in more of the magazines like the japanese magazines. Thanks again.

  7. Thanks for sharing the information

  8. Where is the superwoman store located?

  9. Anonymous: It is -not- acceptable to raise your voice at the shop staff just because they can't answer your question.. what do you think they are? Psychics? Staying calm and polite on the phone is a part of common courtesy. Try it sometime, you'll find that it'll get you a lot farther with people.

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  11. do u knw where can i buy hk elle now ??many thanks !!

  12. Probably buy from Hong Lim lor...they have but you must consistently order from them....